Computer Repair

We provide following services for computer repair in NYC:

computer repair and laptop repair

• Desktop and Laptop power problems, AC power jack replacement

• NoteBook and UltraBook broken keyboard, missing keys, keys not responding

• Laptop and Notebook broken glass or screen

• Computer Desktop and Laptop upgrade

• Computer fan making noise, not running or runs constantly

• Operating System Installation and upgrade (Including Windows on Mac setup)


computer virus removal

• Malware, Adware and Virus Removal

• Computer doesn't start or Boot with error

• Computer is freezing or very sluggish

• Fix Wireless and Internet connection problems

• Data Retrieval, Backup and Restore


computer laptop liquid spill repair

• Laptop liquid spill and water damage

• Spill clean-up service including disassembling and assembling parts and connectors

• Hard Drive recovery and get salvageable data out of the computer

• Computer Laptop and MacBook broken keyboard, missing keys, keys not responding


computer motherboard repair

• Laptop and Desktop Motherboard repair

• Computer USB port broken or loose and not responding

• Computer overheating and freezing problems

• Hard Drive making noise and computer freezes

• Blue screen of death or Hard Drive not found


flash drives repairs

• SD card or USB flash drive missing or unreadable files

• SD card or USB flash drive deleted or formatted data or files

• SD card or Memory Stick runs very slowly

• Computer cannot read SD card or USB flash drive

• Broken or Damaged Memory Stick and USB Flash Drive cause losing data


AMNET Datacillin delivers professional computer repair in NYC with affordability in mind for more than 20 years.
We also offer free estimate for hard drive data recovery.
If we do not recover your data, there is NO charge!





















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First, aside from being in business for more than 20 years, Amnet Datacillin is also an authorized data recovery company. We are authorized by every hard drive manufacturer to open their hard drives for data recovery purposes.

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